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We provide in-depth feedback and guidance on plot development, characterization, pacing, and overall structure to enhance the quality.
Our talented designers will create visually appealing and professional book covers that capture the essence of your story, attracting readers’ attention.
Our team of experienced editors will meticulously review your manuscript, correcting grammatical errors, improving clarity, and ensuring consistency.
We prepare your manuscript for print, including layout adjustments, formatting, and ensuring high-quality resolution for printing.
Our marketing experts will develop a customized marketing plan tailored to your book’s genre, target audience, and goals.
We assist authors in building their online presence, establishing their brand, and connecting with readers through effective author.


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Scientists have been searching for the missing link for decades, but God shows Michaelangelo and Sophia the answer, which involves Giants, Unicorns, werewolves, spiders and Spaceships.
As I would spend time with God, I would take my fears, misunderstandings, hurts, and discouragements to God, and He would teach me and heal me through the poems that He gave me.

When twelve-and-a-half-year-old Nickole Martino’s best friend Sally Malone is brutally murdered in a park in Bedville, Illinois, in October of 1938, Nickole is devastated. The two girls did everything together and shared their innermost secrets. 

Freddy is a young flying squirrel who has watched his mother and other adults glide gracefully from tree to tree. He cannot wait until he can do the same. 

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